Sugar Levels In the blood

Normally blood sugar levels range from 70-150 mg/dl. However, sugar levels are of course increased after a meal and decreased in the morning wake up. Someone said to have hypoglycemia is a condition where a person experiences a decrease in blood sugar values ??below normal. Diagnosis of diabetes can be established if the following examination results in Symptoms of diabetes plus blood glucose levels more than 200mg / dl. The point of sugar levels is when blood sugar is taken at any time (no matter if you’ve eaten or not). Adar fasting blood sugar more than 126mg / dl. The previous fasting to do is last eat 8 hours before blood-taking. Blood sugar 2 hours post prandial more than 200mg / dl. The intention of 2-hour post prandial blood sugar is two hours after receiving a certain amount of glucose from the glucose tolerance test. To support the treatment of diabetes, you can use products from

In that study, they found that the higher the intake of a person’s magnesium the fasting insulin level becomes lower. Yes, good insulin sensitivity is present in people who have high magnesium intake as well. Keeping insulin remains sensitive is important because in most cases of diabetes found insulin hormone is not sensitive so that the sugar is difficult to enter the body. This is supported by other researchers namely Song et al. Who found that high intake of magnesium in obese women can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus.