Choose an AC which saves your electric bill

Often some people ignore the wattage specifications that are present in the AC. Not infrequently they are more concerned with cheaper prices than energy-efficient. When confused to choose, inverter feature that is currently widely used by a number of AC manufacturers can be an alternative. Meanwhile, feel free to visit to hire the best AC repair service near your area.

The advantages of this technological air conditioner are that it only takes a short time to reach the desired room temperature. Second, the first pull on electricity is 1/3 lower than the AC which is not equipped with inverter technology.

In addition, this type of air conditioning is more energy efficient because it uses 30% less power than regular air conditioning. Finally, temperature fluctuations in AC inverters are almost unheard of.

Although you have purchased a low wattage air conditioner, it does not mean you are not required to save energy.

The wrong usage can actually cause the electricity consumption to swell. Here’s the correct way to treat AC at home;

Choose AC according to the area of the room to be installed. Because the capacity that is not in sync can cause the AC does not work efficiently and even increase your electricity bill.

Set the temperature at 25 degrees Celsius or equivalent to your comfort level.

Use a timer or timer, and should turn off the AC at least one hour before waking up to prevent coldness in the body.

Clean the AC filter regularly, and do not forget to service at least four months.