The Keyword Types We Must Know

The keyword is very important in SEO. Because if we wrongly determine the keyword, it will cause visitors blog/website to be a little and even none at all. But this is the opposite too, if you are good at defining a keyword or keyword, then your blog will have many visitors. Even every day your blog visitors can be thousands of people. That’s why keywords in SEO is important, but before you determine keywords or keywords, better know the 3 types of keywords in SEO following; The keyword “Buying Keyword” – is a keyword used by visitors when searching for products or goods on the internet, where the visitor intends to buy it. Usually, these keywords are shaped like among others selling drugs, selling electronics, online stores selling cheap, and much more. Such keywords are perfect when applied to online store websites. Want to get the best keywords? With satisfactory workmanship? You can get it by using the services of

Keyword question because sometimes visitors also come from a problem that he faced, well this is the problem that causes the emergence of a question. So automatically the question is typed in the search engine columns (search engine). Seasonal keywords; This is the kind of keywords that can make a visitor boom in your blog or website. Seasonal keywords are the keywords that appear during certain moments or moments.