How drugs destroy your future generation

By the time that a drug dealer enters a country, then that country downfall can be closer what we imagined. It’s true that some drugs like marijuana or “weed” can be quite harmless, the truth is that most of the other drugs are deadly and kill our next generation slowly. It makes our children can only think about getting the drugs more and more without caring about anything else. The addiction itself is actually like a curse, and it attacks both the mind and the body of a person. That’s why a healing place like Ayahuasca Retreats is really recommended to cure the drug addict.

Aside from the addiction, it can also destroy the people from the economic side. As you can see, the profit in the drug dealing business is undeniably high. This makes so many people are willing to sacrifice everything they have to sell their merchandise successfully, even though if it means that they have a lot of risk of imprisonment or getting shot during the job. A drug dealer is a very risky and forbidden profession to do, and you just need a single mistake during the job to ruin your life.