Planning your trip to the UK

Going to a foreign country alone can make anyone discouraged, especially if this is your first time living abroad without the close family. However, if the trip has been planned neatly before you actually do not have to worry too much. Here we will provide some tips that can help you smoothly upon arrival in the UK. Meanwhile, you can also check out Trinity selt if you want to know more about English exam to get the UK visa.

Planning a Trip

England is probably a small country, but the UK has many airports with many flights to various destinations. Even small towns also have airport flying. If your destination is not a big city like London, Manchester or Edinburgh, you may need to look for a connecting flight.

If so, you should be more careful in planning your trip. Major cities in the UK have more than one airport. London itself has 5 airports. Check carefully which airport you will go to. Find information about the nearest accommodation to the airport if your connecting flight schedule requires you to stay overnight. You certainly do not want to make a mistake as you arrive at Heathrow Airport London but have booked a hotel room near the Gatwick Airport. If you carry a lot of luggage, it would be more practical if you take a taxi instead of taking public transportation to get to your accommodation. The majority of airports provide taxi stands near the exit.