Malicious Computer Viruses You Should Be Aware

If a natural virus can make you sick, then computer viruses are equally dangerous. A computer that is attacked by a computer virus already can not work normally. In fact, some types of computer viruses can make your computer totally dead and even damage the existing hardware components, in the era of all the internet like now, you must really know all kinds of computer viruses that can attack your computer. Here are some ways the virus can infect your computer. Knowing computer viruses is part of computer skills. Direct action virus is one type of virus that infects our computer files. Usually, direct action virus attached to certain types of files. It’s usually an executable-based file with extensions .exe, .com, .i.e, or .vbs. Once you open an already infected file, this virus will immediately spread by infecting other similar files. If you already like this, will be a lot of important files your computer is so corrupt alias can not be opened because the code has been infected with this virus program code. The best way to prevent this type of virus is to not arbitrarily open the file we received. But if already attack, this virus is included that is quite easily recognized and eradicated by Antivirus. So often update your antivirus.

Similar but not the same as a direct action virus, the resident virus also includes one type of general virus ‘that attacks files on the computer. The difference, a resident virus can install itself into a computer system. This makes the resident virus more difficult to eradicate even though the source of its arrival has been eliminated. Computers infected with resident viruses may experience damage to hard drives, loss of data, to disrupt overall computer performance.