Know The Type of Goods That Can be Pawned and Who Can not

Matching goods to get some cash used for certain purposes is an alternative that is now widely done by our community. By pledging property in kind, we can get a relatively quick cash loan and easy process. However, you need to know if not all items, even those that look high value can be mortgaged or used as collateral for the loan money we propose. Therefore, know some items that can and cannot be submitted as collateral in the Pawnshop!

1. House
The first type of goods that can be used as collateral goods Pawnshops are home. Indeed this type of guarantee is not widely used as an option for people who apply for loans in Pawnshops. Usually, people who mortgage homes in Pawnshops are those who apply for large loans. But to reduce the risk in the future, you can use equity release services to get funding because equity release is a pension tracing service that can help your financial problems while retiring.

2. Electronic Goods
Electronic goods can also be a choice of goods that will be guaranteed to the Pawnshop. Some types of electronic goods received as collateral goods are television, refrigerator, radio, or laptop. Minimum production last 1 year. Completeness certificate must be taken is a photocopy of identity card, receipt of purchase, warranty card, and the absolute requirement of the condition of collateral goods are not defective and still intact. Even so, some types and state of electronic goods that are still good will not be accepted as collateral goods pawnshops.